Tires Made in USA – What is the Top Tire Brands of America?

Tires Made in USA – What is the Top Tire Brands of America?:- Are you searching for “Top Tires Made in USA”? If yes, then you are in the right place here.

This article provided a complete list of all US tire manufacturers. After reading this article completely, you will know tires Made in USA?

Before starting the article, let me tell you that the list of tire manufacturers in America can be long, so read it completely.

What Tires Are Made in The USA?

Truck tires are manufactured in all countries of the world. But if we talk about one country which has the most tire manufacturing companies, then that country is the United States America.

Most tires in the United States America are manufactured in the eastern United States Countries.

One company believes that there are more than 100 tire manufacturing companies in the United States and these companies have a total annual revenue of $ 13 billion.

Only 4 companies account for 75 percent of the total earnings of all companies, which is Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, and Cooper.

How to Find Tire Manufacturer Company Name By Tire Code?

All tires made in the United States have an identity. These tires are identified by the code inscribed on them.

In fact, when a tire manufacturing company manufactures a tire, then a code is written on that tire, which identifies the manufacturer of that tire. This code is called the DOT number.

If this is explained by an example, such as if the DOT number on the tire starts with BE, it is the BF Goodrich tire, which was manufactured at the Michelin plant in Tuscaloosa, AL.

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What Tires Are Made in America

There are only 2 major US tire manufacturers, which are Goodyear and Cooper. These tire manufacturing companies were established in the United States.

They have not been linked to any outside country tire manufacturing company till now.

1. Goodyear

This American tire manufacturer has been manufacturing tires in the US since 1898. The best-known tire brand in the US, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company started in Akron, Ohio.

Today, the company has a total of 17 manufacturing facilities. Not only this, but their factories are also present in all the places in the world, where tires are manufactured.

Goodyear Tires DOT Codes

To identify which Goodyear tire is made in which city of America, here are the dot codes which display the cities of America.

Each dot code indicates a rough city. If your Goodyear tires are made in the US, you can identify your tires by the DOT code given here.

M6Lawton, Oklahoma
MBAkron, Ohio
MCDanville, Virginia
MDGadsden, Alabama
MJTopeka, Kansas
MKUnion City, Tennessee
MMFayetteville, North Carolina
MNFreeport, Illinois
MPTyler, Texas
PJFayetteville, North Carolina
PLTyler, Texas

Goodyear Tires SUB-BRAND

Kelly Springfield

2. Cooper

The Cooper Tire manufacturer is the fifth largest tire manufacturer in North America. The Cooper Tire Company was founded in Akron, Ohio, just like the Goodyear tire manufacturer.

However, the Cooper Company was founded in 1914. Talking about the construction work of the Cooper Company, the branches of this company are spread all over the world.

The company manufactures automobiles, trucks, racing, and other types of tires.

Cooper Tire DOT Codes

3DAlbany, Georgia
U9Tupelo, Mississippi
UPFindlay, Ohio
UTTexarkana, Arkanzas

Cooper Tire SUB-BRANDS

Dick Cepek
Mickey Thompson

Top Tires Made in USA

Below is a list of tire manufacturers that make their products in the United States, as well as factory locations and factory codes.

By using this list you will be able to understand any DOT number on the tires of the passenger car.

Some of the major tire brands in the United States are BF Goodrich, Cooper Tires, Bridgestone, Firestone, and Goodyear.

They make up 75 percent of all tires manufactured in the United States. You should also keep in mind that all these brands are a union plant.

1. Michelin – Tires Made in USA

Michelin is a tire manufacturer, headquartered in France. The company joined the tire markets of the United States in 1950.

The company produces tires for passenger vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, heavy-duty trucks, agricultural equipment, and aircraft. This company provides facilities in the following states:-

North Carolina
South Carolina

Michelin Tire DOT Codes

4MGreenville, South Carolina
M3Greenville, South Carolina
B6Spartanburg, South Carolina
B7Dothan, Alabama
B9Lexington, South Carolina

Michelin Tire SUB-BRANDS


2. Bridgestone – Tires Made in USA

Bridgestone is among the world’s largest tire manufacturers. The headquarters of this company is currently located in Japan.

Since the purchase of Firestone in the 1960s, the company expanded its manufacturing in the United States.

Talking about this tire manufacturer, this company makes everything from bike and motorcycle tires, car tires, and off-road tires to commercial and truck tires.

Bridgestone Tire DOT Codes

0BWilson, North Carolina
W2Wilson, North Carolina
Y2Wilson, North Carolina
1COklahoma City, Oklahoma
HYOklahoma City, Oklahoma
2CMorrison, Tennessee
4DMorrison, Tennessee
5DMorrison, Tennessee
2MBloomington, Illinois
3MBloomington, Illinois
7XGraniteville, South Carolina
8XGraniteville, South Carolina
9XGraniteville, South Carolina
8BDes Moines, Iowa
VEDes Moines, Iowa
YEDes Moines, Iowa
YUDes Moines, Iowa
D2Lavergne, Tennessee
E3Lavergne, Tennessee
W1Lavergne, Tennessee
Y7Lavergne, Tennessee
YDDecatur, Illinois

Bridgestone Tire SUB-BRANDS


3. Pirelli

Pirelli is an Italian tire manufacturer. This company has a market in the United States. Pirelli provides facilities in 13 countries worldwide.

After purchasing Armstrong tires in 1988, Pirelli began manufacturing more tires in the US than before. Pirelli also owns a Chinese company called ChemChina.

Pirelli Tire DOT Codes

CHHanford, California
CKMadison, Tennessee
JRRome, Georgia

Pirelli Tire SUB-BRANDS

Armstrong Tire

4. Continental – Tires Made in USA

The Continental tire manufacturer was established in the 1800s. It is a German company. This company did not start its business in America until the 1980s.

But then in 1987, the Continental tire manufacturer bought ‘General Tire and Rubber Company’. After this, the Continental tire manufacturer made its move to the US and started the business.

The Continental tire manufacturer also named Hoosier Tires. Today, the company manufactures tires in a total of 6 states in the United States.

Continental Tire DOT Codes

6BVernon, Illinois
A3Vernon, Illinois
A9Bryan, Ohio
ACCharlotte, North Carolina
ADMayfield, Kentucky
VYSouth Sumter, South Carolina

Continental Tire SUB-BRANDS

Hoosier Tires
General Tire and Rubber Co.

5. Yokohama – Tires Made in USA

Yokohama is a Japanese tire manufacturer. However, the company has 2 branches in the United States. The company started its business in the US in the 1960s.

Yokohama Tire Company currently operates manufacturing facilities in Salem, West Virginia, and West Point, Mississippi.

However, this company manufactures only certain types of tires. Despite this, it is the 8th largest tire manufacturer in the world.

These companies produce passenger, light trucks, high performance, commercial and off-road tires.

Yokohama Tire DOT Codes

CCSalem, Virginia.

Yokohama Tire SUB-BRANDS

Not Available

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Top 5 Tires Made in USA

Frequently Asked Questions About Tires Made in USA

Q.1. What is the Difference Between American Made and Foreign Made Tires?

Ans. Tires Made in USA – There is usually no difference when it comes to domestic and foreign features of a brand. Both American-made and foreign tires appear in Consumer Reports’ annual list of top tires.

Since tire manufacturers control their production in all countries themselves, the results are similar according to modern tire dealers.

Companies equally supply their facilities with materials, manufacturing technology, and equipment to their customers.

Experts perform the same tests with similar standards. However, every company has its own technology to achieve a certain tire facility.

Therefore, if you compare tires made in the United States by various manufacturers, you will definitely find differences.

However, tires made in American manufacturing plants – even owned by foreign companies – are generally more affordable than tires that are imported from overseas.

More foreign companies are setting up factories in the US to avoid paying import duties.


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